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Carbon Steel

Hot rolled coils and sheets

With their broad range of properties, hot rolled flat products from carbon steel are classed as standard materials as they can be readily welded and thermally separated by all processes while complying with technical regulations. They are used in metal, building, civil engineering and bridge construction, as well as in hydraulic engineering, vehicle and machinery manufacture, processing of a large number of end products such as stampings and drawn parts, tubes, car wheels, agricultural implements, shelf systems etc.

Cold-rolled coils and sheet

The benefits of cold-rolled flat products compared to hot rolled flat products are better surface quality, good formability, closer tolerances and lower thicknesses. Cold-rolled flat products are versatile materials which can be used in many variations and numerous areas of application: in the automotive, enamelling, tube and section, cask, and construction industries, and for sanitary facilities.

Hot-dip galvanized sheet

Zinc has long proven itself as the ideal corrosion protection for steel. Hot-dip galvanized sheet combines the exceptional properties of zinc such as oxidation resistance and its high-quality appearance with the strength of steel. Areas of application include the automotive industry, auxiliary parts such as air ducts, pipe insulation, roof drainage, ceiling elements, doors or shelves, in plant construction, and in the construction and household appliance industries.

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